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Have you ever wondered if you could water while away from home? Now you can!

Manage and oversee your grow operation from overseas!

Handle your harvest!
"Handle your harvest...
Handle your harvest!
...from anywhere."

Agricultural automation
at its finest!

    GreenThumb Automation is the leader in agricultural technology integration. With GreenThumb, one can monitor, log, or control various aspects of growers' operations. We are innovating the use of many existing hubs and are consistently adding more features to boost production and efficiency to any botanical enterprise.
    Whether a hobbyist or a multi-facility commercial operation, GreenThumb has the tools and personal touch to make control a breeze. Whether you choose local access or are on a beach on vacation, using our secure servers, it makes management and adjustments fast and easy.
    Step into the 21st century world of cultivation with GreenThumb Automation.

Beta Tester Application

    Upon completion of Alpha testing, Beta testing will be initiated with a projected release in the 2022. 20 lucky producers will be selected based on locality, operation size, and realization of the Beta investment.
    Each Beta Tester will get a 10 year Avocado subscription at no charge and initial equipment and installation to own for life. This is an exciting opportunity to be on the forefront of this emerging technology.
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Beta Tester Application

    Please submit your email address to receive an application packet containing more detailed information and instructions.

Thank you for your submission.

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*Client assumes responsibility for hardware and network requirements.


Recommended for Households

$9.99 per month
$99.99 per year
$249.99 for 3 years
single user
single location
*Up to 10 Controllers
*1 GreenThumb sensor unit
limited functionality
configurable operations


For Seasoned Growers

$24.99 per month
$224.99 per year
$398.99 for 3 years
single user
single location
*10 GreenThumb sensor units
*Up to 50 Controllers
limited functionality
configurable operations


For Commercial Producers

$199.99 per month
$2099.99 per year
$5999.99 for 3 years
multiple users
Up to 10 locations
*Up to 25 GreenThumb sensor units per location
*Up to 10 Hubs
*Up to 50 Controllers per hub
full functionality
configurable operations and zones
addons available
*Sold separately. Please see Tech Info to learn more.

Tech Info

For full functionality of our software, you may need one or more of the following:
- Internet with wifi router
- Automation hub
- Device controllers
- Cameras / Sensors
- Local devices / Computers
What you'll need to get started:
* Water container, hosing, and drip sets can be found at your local hardware store.


For inquires, please email us...
6313 Palma Pl NW Suite 1
Albuquerque, NM 87120
If you're interested in opening a new account, please visit our Subscriptions page.

Beta Tester Application
Tech Info